Celestial Voices

Christmas how did it all start? Arguably the most important historical birth ever that continues to rock the world and affect people’s lives today.

Announced on YouTube, TikTok, Facebook, filmed by Netflix? No!! But by an angel sent from God, backed by a heavenly choir to ordinary shepherds just doing their job on a Bethlehem hillside, watching over their flocks and at night too. What a shock they must have had.

Following God’s instructions off they went, found the stable, bowed down in awe and wonder to worship the baby born to be a heavenly King then………..went back to work with a new spring in their step understanding in part that God’s long awaited Messiah had come to rescue his people.

That rescue is still open today to all who wonder, welcome and bow to worship him as King of their hearts and lives and not only, as the shepherds thought, from their enemies outside but much more from the enemy we all have within, the sin that separates us from God.

The writer G K Chesterton wrote:

‘The world will not perish for lack of wonders but for lack of WONDER.’

Let’s join the shepherds and regain that sense of wonder at the coming of Jesus to be the Saviour of the world.