A thought for Easter

The story is often told of a little boy talking to his mum at bed time just as she turned out the light.

“Mum I’m scared of the dark”
“But God is with you”
“Yes I know that but I want someone with skin on”!

“So God sent someone with skin on! – Jesus his own beloved Son!
I have a series of little black books full of messages I’ve prepared over the years for missions, evangelistic talks and concerts in churches, prisons, concert halls and even the open air. I was looking recently at the first one I filled in the late ‘70’s. On the inside back cover I’d written these words –

‘Speak about Jesus, what he did and said, the cross where he died and his glorious resurrection. Preach and testify that Jesus is the one whom God appointed judge of the living and the dead, that everyone who believes in him, receives forgiveness of sins in his name, the gift of the Holy Spirit and Eternal Life’.

Over forty years later the message is still the same and will be until He comes or calls. This Easter fill your heart and mind with these wonderful truths. Read them in the Bible and meditate on them in your heart. To quote the apostle Peter (1 Peter 1:8 & 9) “Though you do not now see him, you believe in him and rejoice with joy that is inexpressible and filled with glory, obtaining the outcome of your faith, the salvation of your souls”.


No greater love

Stood on a hill outside the city
Watching the sun going down,
All the colours bleed into red
Is this Holy ground?

Two thousand years have slipped away
In a moment of time,
All the colours still bleed into red
Filling the depths of my mind.

Filling my heart and my soul
Cleansing and making me whole

Echoes of Eden still haunt the world
In it’s sorrow and pain,
Shadows of darkness still stain the world
Simply the mark of Cain.

Wandering alone in the earth
Never knowing our worth

No greater love has ever happened
No greater love you’ll ever see,
That from the heart, the heart of heaven
Love should come to rescue me.

Making the wounded whole
Saving each humble soul

A thought

Songwriting has been part of my ‘stock in trade’ for many years now. The professionals in Nashville start writing first thing Monday morning and Hey Ho, another hit appears by lunchtime! It ain’t quite like that with the rest of us! We wait for the inspiration to hit. Some call it ‘The Muse’, I just call it a word or a phrase that I read, or heard somebody say. It may even be a feeling left by a  scene I’ve lived. As I get older this happens less often, probably because less seems to happen in life anyway!

The desire is still there to say something in a song that might touch a heart, make somebody think or even point that someone to Jesus and all that he is and has done. Well, here are the lyrics to a song I wrote recently thinking about all this stuff. Haven’t recorded it yet…. but maybe that’s a good thing!!!!!


See that old songwriter slumped in a chair,
Looking for inspiration that just isn’t there.
Dreaming of good days when words tumbled down,
Like the fast flowing freeway on the far edge of town.

Hoping and praying he’s nothing to lose,
Writing a story about yesterday’s news.
The glories of heaven, the terrors of hell,
And the wonders of life that we all know so well.

Does it matter at all
When your back is close to the wall?
Does it matter at all
When your back is so close to the wall?

Once saw a stranger drifting on by,
With a pain in his heart and a tear in his eye.
I wanted to ask him what had gone wrong,
But all that I got were the words of a song.

Eternity’s calling, whispering clear,
But who’s gonna listen and who’s gonna hear?
The ransom is payed for all who will come,
For all who will bow down to bright heaven’s Son.

Does it matter at all
When your back is close to the wall?
Does it matter at all
When your back is so close to the wall?


THIS WAS WRITTEN  OCTOBER 2010  – following my final trip to Eastern Europe

After the first presentation of the CHOOSE LIFE drugs programme a teenage girl cries, ‘Can such  a thing be in our school!’ – the first of many conversations both short and long with those whom we had the privilege of meeting.

Eighteen presentations to around 3,000 students  including two in Young Offenders Units

A Sunday morning church service – a Gospel Concert in the home of some believers and also an adult male prison.

Over two thousand miles on  the road and six hundred on a big North Sea Ferry wrapped up what were seventeen busy and we hope, fruitful days.

Paul the New Testament Missionary wrote – ‘Conduct yourselves with wisdom towards outsiders, making the most of every opportunity. Let your speech always be gracious, seasoned as it were with salt so you may know how you should respond to each person’.

That’s what we’ve tried to do!

Leaving for the last time,

Like closing a well loved and well worn door

But this time never to be reopened – at least  not this side of Heaven

How to say ‘Goodbye’ – but not for the last time

 As the old philosopher said,

“Those who love the Lord never say ‘Goodbye’ for the last time”

Narrow the circle of travel – pull in the horns

Don’t head for the distance, just  some local shore

Dreams tumble – people move on

The King is building his Kingdom

In spite of our weakness and sin.

Thanks to all those who listened,

Thanks for all those who heard,

The one’s and two’s whose lives were changed

By simply believing His Word.