A blast from the past!

May 1985 seems a lifetime ago, well half a lifetime anyway!

Bernie and I went to Wiedenest, Germany where I had been invited to sing at a large youth conference. Meeting and talking to the kids as well as being up front was a great bonus; as was listening to the main conference speaker a much respected old friend of mine for many years the late Nigel Lee.

Both Bernie and I had forgotten that we’d been videoed several times until he found a cassette whilst tidying stuff up at home a few weeks ago. Who are these young slim looking guys playing guitar and singing? The thing that blew me away is that I don’t remember singing or even writing one of the songs! Oh, the joys of getting older (!) and neither of us can reach the high notes any more, even wearing a tight pair of Jeans!

In spite of all that, all these years later the message is still the same, ‘Won’t you let Jesus in your life’ to quote from the long-forgotten song – so we’re still singing, albeit in a much lower key, and sharing the love and mercy of God shown in the life, death and resurrection of the Lord Jesus.

Links to more videos from Wiedenest are found in Live Sessions.