I’ve been thinking

‘I’m on this lonely heartworn highway’ is the first line of a song I often sing when visiting people in our local soup kitchens.  Many of the guests are always on the move but never seem to be getting anywhere or doing anything of much. In the Bible it says ‘Jesus went about doing good’ (Acts 10:38). If we’re honest a lot of the time we just ‘go about’! The key is that ‘God anointed Jesus with the Holy Spirit and with power….for God was with Him’. Peter tells how Jesus commanded the disciples to testify that  God appointed him to be judge of the living and the dead and proclaim forgiveness  of sins to everyone who believes in his name. 

When  that becomes our main aim in life we  will no longer be just ‘going about’ but  we’ll also be ‘going about doing good’. When the Holy Spirit was poured out on the believers at Pentecost they  immediately began the good work  of proclaiming and even ‘gossiping’ the Gospel. As believers today we have been given the same Spirit in order to do the same good work. Let’s be sure to make that our priority – ‘going about doing good’!